Local Missions Opportunities

We offer the following Local Missions Opportunities: If you are interested in learning more about these opportunities or would like to become a very important partner (VIP), then please contact us at info@fbaustell.org.

Character Club

Austell Elementary, after school on Tuesday’s, September – October and February – March.

Teach 1 Lead 1

S. Cobb High School, during school on Tuesday’s, all year (except for scheduled days off on the school calendar).

Vacation Bible School

Woodstock Church Austell, held during the month of June each year for completed K–8th graders.

Kids Hope

Austell Elementary, 1 on 1 mentoring program with the students from Austell Elementary, weekly mentoring during school hours, the schedule is flexible, please contact us for more specific details.

Sports Chaplaincy

S. Cobb High School Athletics, schedule varies, please contact us for more specific details.


A 3 day mission trip to our local schools (Austell, Garret, & S. Cobb) where we complete various projects (painting, cleaning, lawn care, etc.), held each summer during Memorial Day week.

Fellowship Christian Athletes

Garrett Middle School, after school on Wednesday’s, all year (except for scheduled days off on the school calendar).

Annual City Workers' Prayer Breakfast

Collar Community Center, held for the City of Austell First Responders, Employees, etc., on the National Day of Prayer held the first Thursday of May each year.

Annual Teachers' Breakfast

Both at Austell Elementary and Garrett Middle School, during the final week of summer break in the month of July before school begins